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Implant Dentistry Costa Rica
Curridabat, San Jose

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  • Implant Dentistry Costa Rica
  • Ivan Navarro
  • Year Established: 1997
Address & Map:

Galerías Del Este Curridabat
Local 14 Y 15
Curridabat, SJ
Costa Rica

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Professional Background

Credentials: Bacehlor of Basic Sciences, University of Costa Rica, 1986 D.D.S., University of Costa Rica, 1990 Fellowship in Oral Implantology, University of Miami School of Medicine, OMFS Division, 1994-1996 Over 25 congress of dental implantology, including global conferences of the major implant companies, such as, 3I, steri-oss, Calcitek, IMZ, Paragon, etc, 1990 - 1996 Over 15 courses taught as instructor of the University of Miami, on head and neck dissection and implant placement in cadaver specimens, Orlando, Miami, Dallas, New York, Chicago, San Diego, Hawaii, and more, 1996 to 2000
Areas Of Focus: Dental Implants All on 4 All on 6 All on 8
Medical Certification / Licensing Body: Costa Rica College of Doctors and Surgeons
Languages Spoken: English Spanish
Speaking Engagements: Speaker at the second congress of dental implantology of Caracas, 1995, Caracas, Venezuela Table Clinic, Hygienic Maintenance in Oral Implantology, 1995, Miami, Florida Speaker in the II LatinoAmerican Implant Symposium, 1996, Buenos Aires, Argentina Table Clinic, Autogenous Symphiseal Grafts for thin Alveolar Ridges, 1996, Miami, Florida Participant in the National Research Award, 1997, San José, Costa Rica Table Clinic. Comparison between the 3I self taping tappered implant and the Brannemar Mark II 3I Bone Symposium, 1998, Orlando, Florida Speaker in the III Centroamerican and Panama Implant congress, 1998, San José, Costa Rica Participant in the National Research Award, Prints in the first stage surgery, 1998, San José, Costa Rica Participant in the National Research Award Extraoral Grafts in dental implantology, 1999, San José, Costa Rica Participant in the National Research Award Second stage surgery, immediate loading in dental implants, 2000, San José, Costa Rica Speaker at the Miami Winter Meeting, Main Congress, 2000, Miami, Florida Implantology Congress of the Americas Rich platelet plasma course, 2000, Miami, Florida Speaker in Jalisco Dental Society, Main Congress, 2000, Guadalajara, México Participant in AAOMS Meeting, 2000, San Francisco, California Participant in the National Research Award, Lower edentulous rehabilitation with dental implants, Hader bar and attachments E.R.A., 2001, San José, Costa Rica Participant Synergy in Motion, Speaker Symposium, Sulzer Dental, 2001, Chicago, Illinois Speaker in "Primeras Jornadas de Implantología Venezolanas", 2001, Caracas, Venezuela Director of The First Six Months Implant Program of Costa Rica, 2001, San José, Costa Rica Participant in the National Research Award, Use of transition implants in Dental Implantology, 2002, San José, Costa Rica 5th Implant Prosthodontics Symposium IPS Speaker at the Main Congress, 2002, Montreal, Canadá 6th Implant Prothodontics Symposium IPS, 2003, Orlando, Florida Latinoamerican ICOI International Symposium, 2003, Guatemala City Global Implant Congress Sulzer Dental Company, 2004, Las Vegas, Nevada Global Implant Congress Center Pulse Company, 2005, Banff, Canadá First place in the National Research Award, Clinical case, 2006, San José, Costa Rica Second place in the National Research Award Clinical case, 2007, San José, Costa Rica Congress of the Academy of Osseointegration, 2008, Boston, USA Colombian Society Congress of Maxillofacial Surgery, 2008, Cartagena, Colombia Speaker in the first Zimmer congress of T&T and the Caribbean, 2008, Port of Spain, T&T First place in the National Research Award Poster Session mode, 2008, San José, Costa Rica Speaker in the MIS Congress of the Venezuelan Bio-osseointegration Academy, 2008, Caracas, Venezuela IPS-ICOI Global Congress of the Prosthetic Implantology Academy, 2008, Chicago, Illinois Academy of Osseointegration, World Congress, 2009, San Diego, California Speaker in the III Latino American Congress of Dental Implantology by Zimmer company, 2009, Bogota, Colombia First place in the National Research Award, Poster Session mode, ACCO, 2009, San José, Costa Rica Speaker in the MIS Congress of the Venezuelan Bio-osseointegration Academy, 2009, Caracas, Venezuela Academy of Osseointegration, World Congress, 2010, Orlando, Florida IPS-ICOI Global Congress of the Prosthetic Implantology Academy, 2010, New Orleans, Louisiana Speaker in the Third Zimmer congress of T&T, 2010, Port of Spain, T&T 2000 to dateDirector and Coordinator of the Dental Implantology Program of 6 months. Universidad Latinoamericana de Ciencia y Tecnología, ULACIT

About Ivan Navarro

I began my journey in dental implantology in 1993, when I had the opportunity to apply for the maxillofacial surgery service in Hospital Mexico, one of the premier public hospitals in Costa Rica. I developed a large part of my skills in dental surgery here, having the opportunity to interact with all of the top of the line dental surgeons and other medical professionals who practiced here. That's how Dr. Alejandro Marín, chief of the department, guided me and helped me create my surgical and clinical skills. Around the same time, a close personal friend of mine, Dr. Guillermo Chacón, who was studying dental implantology at the University of Miami, gave a course in Costa Rica on this topic. Immediately after participating in this course I started my application for the University of Miami so I could study this exciting field. In 1993 and 94, during my application period, I started participating in several independent courses offered by the University and was eventually accepted into the 2 year specialization path. In July of 1994, I had achieved 1 of my objectives; I had been a resident in the Dental Implant specialty from the University of Miami, based in the Jackson Memorial Hospital. Throughout the 2 many years of my graduate studies, I had the chance to meet and train with outstanding dental implant professors like Drs. Carl Misch, Michael Pikos, Thomas Albertson, Morton Perel, Thomas Ford, Greg Misch, Sasha Jovanovic, Robert Marx, Stuart Kline, Edwin McGlumphy, Charles Babbush, Eulogio-Sashi López, Scott Ganz, Jack Krauser, Eric Carlson, Mark Stevens, amongst numerous others. Obviously I can't omit my current colleagues, whom I studied with and lived unforgettable moments. Many of them have turn out to be excellent national and international speakers, including Drs. Guillermo Chacón, Aldo Vicari, Leo Dorado, José Peralta, Michael Peleg, Jesús Gómez, Sanjey Reddi, Andrew Colgan, Rick Ferguson, Miguel Pastrana, Scott Fimbers, Lilibeth Ayanco, Juan Carlos Arroyo, Manish Patel, Daniel Miller and several others who all worked diligently with me at the Jackson Memorial Hospital. In this way I got the opportunity to discover the surgical and prosthetic aspects of dental implants, and finally completed my studies in August of 1996 and returned to my home country of Costa Rica. As soon as I arrived Costa Rica, I started my private practice in Curridabat, on the East side of San Jose, the capital of the country.I chose this location because I was born and raised here, and wanted to remain close to my family. My clinic is situated in the commercial development known as “Galerías del Este”, #14 & 15, Curridabat, San Jose, Costa Rica. Here I practice several different kinds of dental surgery, but I have specialized in implant dentistry since the opening of the clinic. Just as before, after i returned in 1996, I returned to my post as dental surgeon service assistant of maxillofacial surgery within the "Hospital Mexico". Then, in January of 1997, I came to be a part of the Latin-American University of Science and Technology (U.L.A.C.I.T.), achieving another of my professional objectives, being a university teacher. During this time, I was placed in charge of the surgery and oral implantology department, a position in which I managed the curriculum and practical application of a part of the dental surgery school for eight years. In 2005, I made a decision to only manage the Oral Implantology clinic, a position I still hold to this day. Since 1997, I've been incredibly enthusiastic about teaching. Due to this passion, I became a part of the editorial committee for the journal known as “Dentista Empresario”, in which I have written more than 30 scientific articles. I also became a part of the board of directors of the Costa Rican Dental Congress Association (A.C.C.O.), organizing and taking part in multiple courses, speeches and congresses. However, it wasn't until 2000 when I found myself in a position to fulfill one of my biggest career achievements. In conjunction with the ULACIT, the ICOI (International College of Oral Implantologists), the University of Miami, and my colleagues Dr. Miguel Alfaro and Thomas Ford, we organized the first Six month instruction course in Oral Implantology in Costa Rica, giving local dentists new tools to integrate dental implants in his everyday practice in a predictable and responsible way. This program is given each year, and more than 100 dentists have completed it since its inception in the year 2000. Through this program, we have established new connections with different universities like the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana de Colombia, the UNAM, the University of Miami, the University of Ohio, and entities like the ICOI, IPS, AO, and the Colegio de Cirujanos Dentistas de Costa Rica. Throughout these years as coordinator and director of the course, I've been able to coordinate with several international experts in the field and have managed to keep myself up-to-date with all of the newest knowledge and latest technologies in the dental implantology field. Due to this, I've been chosen as a thought leader for implant companies represented in Costa Rica and around the world, giving me the chance to expand my horizons by giving speeches and conferences both locally and internationally. As for my professional practice in Oral Implantology, I am very proud to say I've placed more than 4000 implants in all of the main commercial houses represented in Costa Rica, like Zimmer, MIS, Implant Direct, Nobel-Biocare, Intralock, Imtec and 3I. Over the years I'm proud to say that I have impacted the lives of many patients through my work in the field of dental implantology.

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